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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Contentment Challenge - First Month - Round 2

I have spent a lot of time thinking about living on less. Like I mentioned on the first attmept of the Contentment Challenge I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am definately the spender in our relationship. I also really want a simplistic lifestyle. I want only the bare minimum that I need.

I am so excited to start this challenge over again.

The Contentment Challenge - January 2019

Theme: Declutter
Verse: Philippians 4:11
Activity Challenge: Do EVERY workout this month 

I am so committed to making this round stick. I am committed and determined to make this a complete lifestyle change. The end goals is to be able to continue this lifestyle and if I purchased something it is going to replace something else. 

My goal is to someday live in a RV. I am hoping that it is sooner than retirement age, but Gary is not having it. With our baseball lifestyle I think it woule be so much better having an RV than living in apartment. Honestly for me a big set up on not doing it is Heisman. Going down to such a small space would hard for him. At least that's what I think but people say that he will adapt better than I think.

Theme: Organize
The plan is to make sure everything is organized and has a home.

Memory Verse: (Same verse will be the top photo)

Activity: I am going through each room to make sure everything is in its place. If it has no place I will either donate, throw it away, or sell it.

I did this challenge a few months ago while in the middle of the move. I did well in terms of not spending much because everything went towards the move and/or the new place. We did go a little crazy with the necessities of the place, BUT I wouldn't change anything either.

My plan for doing this is to set a new foundation for myself. Really think about what I purchase and live a more simplistic and grateful life. 

Read Weird and You are A Badass
Being 100% devoted to this challenge
Blog 3 times a week 
Pay off 1 bill
Do every single workout for half marathon training
Be Urbankick certified

I will post how I did the following month on a Monday along with my theme, verses, activity, and goals for the next month. 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Determined - Word of the Year 2019

I love doing Word of the Year. I have been doing one for about 5 years. I really wish that I had kept better track on my words. Also I wish I didn't COMPLETELY delete blog posts I didn't like at the time. (Biggest Bummer Ever)

Last year I did 2 words. One for me personally, and the other family word. My word was Intentional, and the family word was Financial Freedom. Intentional was probably my word for 2 years. I wanted to be intentional about the things I was choosing to do. I wanted to be focus about actions and not just say yes to everything.

Our family word on Financial Freedom. We both wanted to pay off some bills, get rid of some debt, improve our credit score. I would say we have accomplished all this this year. I'm super proud of us on this. We have a few more things but it will be good this next year.

In 2019 my word is DETERMINED. I have been feeling life is controlling me instead of me controlling life.
I am Determined...

to pay off more debt

follow my own passions

find my purpose and want makes me thrive

stay lasered focus on my goals

launch new services on my website

have 10 personal training clients

What is your word for 2019?

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