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Honeymoon Part 2 (Fourth of July with the Frisco RoughRiders)

This blog was first posted in September of 2011. Like I have said in the previous blog (Honeymoon-Part 1), I am combining our blogs. 

Our 2nd mini vacation or honeymoon was to Frisco, Texas. We were going to In-N-Out burger and catch a game. This was the quickest weekend because we both had to be back for our (OKC RedHawks) July 4th festivities. 

This is probably the first trip Gary was more excited about the food over the baseball game. First stop: In N Out burger. I had never been there before, but Gary couldn't stop talking about how amazing it is. I will admit he was right. This place was amazing and so good. 

I was also really worried about going, because they just opened and it was going to be busy. Not mention a weekend at lunch. It wasn't that bad, and we placed our order in no time. Even our food pretty quick too. Considering all the horror stories we heard before we got there. 

The Sign to In-N-Out

The building 

Our lunch and drinks

Next stop: Dr. Pepper Ballpark (Frisco RoughRiders). I fell in love with the ballpark at first glance. The architecture was beautiful. We had a great seats for the game (Founders Club Seats). If you ever go to this ballpark, you have to get Founders Seats. It's all you can eat and drink seats. Even though we spend most of the time in the JCPenney's box, our assigned seats were close to the ballpark.

Us walking into the ballpark 
Sneak Peak before entering Dr. Pepper Ballpark 
The View from Our Seats (JCP Club)

The table we sat at

The Frisco RoughRiders Logo

The game was amazing. We even got to see the fireworks after the game. Normally we don't get to see the fireworks because we are working the game, and can't see them. It was great to get away even if it was only for one day. 

Honeymoon-Part 1 (Texas Rangers Game)

I first posted this blog in August of 2011 on Gary and I's couple blog. I have recently decided to pursue this blog more, so I am moving some posts over that I are important to me. 

Before we got married, I knew that we weren't going to take a typical honeymoon. My husband works for a minor league baseball team. We also got married in baseball season. We both thought it would be fun to go on a few weekend trips instead of a week getaway. Gary and I decided that our first trip would be to Arlington Park in June 2011, where the Texas Rangers play. This was our first time to this stadium. We knew from the beginning it was going to be a fun, new experience for us. 

The Rangers were playing the New York Mets. Gary found our tickets on Stubhub and we got tickets in the Lexus Lounge. We both didn't know what to expect, but excited none the less. This was also our first trip since being back from the wedding. 

We got there about a few hours before the gates open. We drove around and saw where the Dallas Cowboys play. I can't believe how big it was. I got to go when I was interning for the Cotton Bowl in 2009. We went to Wal-Mart before finding a parking spot to get some tailgating food. A tip of advice to anyone who goes to Texas and forgets adult drinks. You can't buy alcohol before noon. So we had to wait about 5 minutes.   

We found a parking lot close to the ballpark. We tailgated for a little bit before the gates open. We got Subway sandwiches and beer. Just like old time at Royals games. We played catch for a little bit before going in the ballpark.

The game didn't start off great for Gary. As soon as we walked in, Gary got frisked by security. I thought it was kinda funny, because I have to carry a big bag and they didn't say anything to me. 

Arlington Park "Home of the Texas Rangers"
Inside the ballpark was absolutely amazing but hot. Gary and I watched an inning from our seats outdoors before finding bar inside the stadium. As soon I we got in the bar we "walked" fast to find seats right by the glass. I'm lucky I was small because I wiggled past a few people to get the final 2 seats by the glass. We still had a great view of the game to keep score of the game. 

We both had few adult drinks. I got frozen margaritas in fun Rangers cups. I wish I could find those, but I bet I gave them to my mom. She loves the giant plastic cups from different stadiums.

View from our seats
Not only did we have great time watching the game, we had a great time shopping in all the gift shops. We also got some amazing deals at the ballpark. Gary found a Texas Rangers fleece pullover WITH the World Series patch on the arm. The moment he saw eyes on pullover he was said, "We are getting this." I was like, "Um, ok. That's fine." Come to find out that pullover is normally $100 and we got it for $25. I got a pink mini bat that I wanted. The best thing was that we could get in engraved. So I decided on with our name and our anniversary.

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