Monday, August 13, 2012

Isotopes Park: {New Favorite MiLB Stadium}

On our way to Arizona, we stopped in Albuquerque for the night. We had a double purpose for stopping here first we had driven for 8-9 hours already. Not that is a long time for us, but we had our a furbaby, Heisman, with us. Plus, G's car doesn't have air condition. I needed to a break after that heat. Secondly, neither of us have been to this ballpark. 

As we walking up, we were in awe of everything. From the outside there was lots of lights and energy coming from the stadium. As a fan (and someone who works in sports) you want to create that energy inside to make people want to come inside. Below are some pictures from around the ballpark. 



Here's our tickets and other pictures by the ticket window and first steps inside the ballpark. Side note: I was doing a jumping/skipping/running combination to the gate. I was so excited to go in and see inside. Plus, we weren't going to stay for very long because there was a storm coming and our furbaby was back at the hotel still. We didn't want to be gone too long. 



This next picture is the first view of the stadium. G mentioned the crowd was amazing for a Thursday with no beer specials. 

Before we went to go find our seats we took a quick walk around the ballpark. The ballpark was huge and had something for everyone. The first thing that caught my eye besides the game itself was the scoreboard. 

We kept walking around towards the berm. Then Mr. Bee attacked. Gary told me to keep walking and he wouldn't follow me. Really? Does that really work? I doubt it so I started to stomp on the bee. First I missed, but not the next. I stomped and killed Mr. Bee. I honestly didn't think anyone was watching me because I was more concerned with bee stinging me. After that a few people clapped, and the merchandise lady said, "Good Job." (I sorta blushed because I can't believe I did that while people were watching.)


G loved this batter's eye compared to other ballparks. It was decorated with trees and other greenery. Other ballparks just have a big green wall for their batter's eye. He couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was. (It's his baseball player side showing.) 

The other picture is the berm. It was a fun kids zone with carousel, kids game, and few other things. There is a place you can buy tickets for each activity. I thought this was very creative.   

As you continue around the ballpark, you'll find Simpson characters around the ballpark. The reasoning for this is because in an episode they were threatening to move Springfield Isotopes to Albuquerque. So when they had a Name the Team contest the Isotopes was the winner. :)

So I took a picture with Lisa and G with Bart. We didn't see Homer, but we are sure he was around. Marge and Maggie were broken so that's why the caution tape is there. 

Finally we get to our seats and take picture. We watch an out then head out. We made it back just in time because as soon as we shut the door to the hotel it down poured. 

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