Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inside the Locker Room

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a professional player? Have you ever wanted to see their locker room? Now you can! A few weeks ago the team I worked for had an Open House and showed our fans the locker room.

I took some pictures and going to share with you. This is my first year with a hockey team. I must admit I don't know much about hockey, but jumping right in seems to work just fine.

press conference background
(Do you know where I work yet?) haha

This is where the players put all their sticks

All the trophies. I'm not sure what all of them are for but they are pretty.
(Sorry, I had my girlie moment.) lol

family room

right across from the family room is the locker room

Down the hall, is the training room.

There's an insight view to the players area. Hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arizona Diamondbacks Games

Since being in Arizona, we have already been to THREE Arizona DBacks game. The great thing is that we didn't need to spend money at any of the games. (We just moved here and our budget is a little tight.)

The first game was on G's bday in the middle of August. We got seats in the upper level. What was the best part of this game meeting some of G's friends.

I honestly don't remember much about what happened at the game, because we were so busy looking around and talking his friends. The stadium was absolutely amazing. It was like watching the game in an airplane hanger. I even got my picture with Baxter. G was surprised by this because I am NOT a fan of mascots. I don't know why but they scare me.

The second game we got tickets through Gary's co-worker. Both games have been very last minute and unexpected. Side note: In AZ compared to OK, all the sports teams get along great and talk with each other. It's refreshing teams working together in the same market. We are thinking of getting Dbacks tickets, and we talked with an inside sales person for 20 minutes. This is not something that would happen.

The second game we walked around the stadium taking pictures and breaking it down. We always do this to every game we go to. We talk about things we like, don't like, things we can take to our teams, etc. The list could go on forever. If you love going to sporting events, don't work in sports. After you work in sports you view games in a COMPLETELY different way.

The really cool thing I like about their suite level is all the pictures of baseball's finest.

Here are some shots from the outside.  



Once inside the ballpark it is like two different atmsopheres. The lower level and the suite level. I'm sure you are all thinking of course but most games I haven't noticed that shift. Here are some random shots from around the park.

This is the shot from our first ticket view. Not bad. G and I were talking about this last night too. I like views higher up because then you can see the whole field. If you were super close it would be a different view.

Also this is why I love coming to games because each time we sit in a different place and have a different view and different experience.

This is the view from straight center. Still not a bad view.

This is a fuzzy view from third base side. 

Outside the main entrance is a fun interactive area. They had the world series playing and tons of opportunities for photos.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

July 4th weekend: OKC RedHawks vs. Iowa Cubs

Disclaimer: I should have posted this blog forever ago, but I just haven't had the time. I wanted to post for some of the pictures as well as because its sports. Also MiLB just ended the regular season. So kinda of my farewell to MiLB.

As a last minute trip, we decide to go up to Iowa and visit family. We left on Thursday afternoon and got to Iowa early Friday morning. After lunch we decided to surprise G's mom at work. She was suppose to be coming down the next to see us in OKC.

We decided to go to the Iowa Cubs that night. Mostly because the Iowa Cubs were playing the OKC RedHawks. I always love watching these 2 teams play in OKC. It's my childhood team vs the team who signed our paychecks. I always went back and forth. I cheer for the Iowa Cubs since we are in Arizona now. I will always cheer for the players that I do know on the OKC team. We got great seats from the RH announcer. He tweeted me if the RH lost it was because I was there. (haha, Alex)

They had a silent auction going on that night. Sarah's boyfriend got a few things because he loves collecting signed things. It was fun to see all the items too. There were a few things that would be nice to have, but seriously where would we put them. Our apartment is already full.

The game was the best ever. I honestly don't remember much of the game, except for a few parts. All of us were busy catching up with each other.

We were sitting with all Iowa Cubs fan, and I was cheering for the RedHawks. My husband on the only hand cheered for Iowa the first half and OKC the second. As the game continued I got more courageous with my cheering for OKC.

About half way through the game, there was a bench clearing fight. I was pumped because I love fights. (Good thing, I work in hockey because that happens all the time.) The best thing about this fight was the manger for OKC, Tony D, got throw out. I stood and cheered for me. I love him. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arizona Cardinals Stadium

The start of college football. The last preseason game for the Cardinals. These are lifes tough choices in life. Some of you might not agree, but that's alright. G. gets tickets for Arizona State since he works there. My boss sent out an email saying he had tickets, and whoever wanted them to email him. I guess no one else in groups wanted them because I got them. I honestly just wanted to see Peyton Manning. I talked with G and he encouraged me to go out with the girls.

I asked my friend, Leah, from work if she wanted to have "Girls Night." She said yes, then we had to decide on dinner plans. That was easier said than done. We were both indecisive. I like this about Leah, because I'm indecisive too about where to eat. I'm not a picky eater, and can find something just about anywhere. We ended up meeting at Deluxe Burger. It was amazing. I had Sliders and house beer. I highly recommend it if you are in Phoenix. (Expect a food review post soon.)

Afterwards we headed to University of Phoenix Stadium. We thought we were never going to get there because of the traffic. Traffic isn't even that bad coming in work everyday. Turns out just an accident, and EVERYONE had to watch.

We get closer to the stadium, and found out we got premium parking in the hotel ramp. We made friends with all the parking attendents. Security was less friendly, but none the less we made it into the stadium. At first glance the stadium wasn't that bad, but the more we walked around the stadium we were disappointed.

The outside of the stadium is amazing. The first time I saw it I wanted to see the inside. It's all silvery and shiny. Now that I have seen the inside it is disappointing. It was all concrete city inside. 
Inside the energy wasn't what I thought either. Even though it was a preseason game everyone was wearing different teams jerseys. We had amazing seats with a great view down the Cardinals bench. Wish we could have seen Peyton closer, but oh well.

We walked around one more time then headed home. Overall it was a great Girls Night out in Arizona. Can't wait for more to come.


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