Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arizona Cardinals Stadium

The start of college football. The last preseason game for the Cardinals. These are lifes tough choices in life. Some of you might not agree, but that's alright. G. gets tickets for Arizona State since he works there. My boss sent out an email saying he had tickets, and whoever wanted them to email him. I guess no one else in groups wanted them because I got them. I honestly just wanted to see Peyton Manning. I talked with G and he encouraged me to go out with the girls.

I asked my friend, Leah, from work if she wanted to have "Girls Night." She said yes, then we had to decide on dinner plans. That was easier said than done. We were both indecisive. I like this about Leah, because I'm indecisive too about where to eat. I'm not a picky eater, and can find something just about anywhere. We ended up meeting at Deluxe Burger. It was amazing. I had Sliders and house beer. I highly recommend it if you are in Phoenix. (Expect a food review post soon.)

Afterwards we headed to University of Phoenix Stadium. We thought we were never going to get there because of the traffic. Traffic isn't even that bad coming in work everyday. Turns out just an accident, and EVERYONE had to watch.

We get closer to the stadium, and found out we got premium parking in the hotel ramp. We made friends with all the parking attendents. Security was less friendly, but none the less we made it into the stadium. At first glance the stadium wasn't that bad, but the more we walked around the stadium we were disappointed.

The outside of the stadium is amazing. The first time I saw it I wanted to see the inside. It's all silvery and shiny. Now that I have seen the inside it is disappointing. It was all concrete city inside. 
Inside the energy wasn't what I thought either. Even though it was a preseason game everyone was wearing different teams jerseys. We had amazing seats with a great view down the Cardinals bench. Wish we could have seen Peyton closer, but oh well.

We walked around one more time then headed home. Overall it was a great Girls Night out in Arizona. Can't wait for more to come.


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  1. How fun!! I miss you so much!! Yay for Arizona, but Oklahoma misses your face!!


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