Friday, December 19, 2014

Coming Home

I can't believe that it has been almost 2 weeks since I have been back from Iowa. I got to go back to Iowa in early December. I went home for multiple reasons and the biggest being for the Arkansas/Iowa State Mens Basketball Game. My childhood team vs my alma mater!! When the schedule got realized and I saw the Big 12 vs SEC Challenge. I was pumped to say the least!! Who was I going to cheer for. Where was I going to go to watch the game.

Well it got closer to the season starting, and Gary was looking at flights back to Iowa. We found a couple that would work, but I couldn't get approved for that many days off. So back to the drawing board, and he found another flight that worked in my time frame. I had already gotten my tickets because if I didn't go I could sell them or find someone to go for me.

So we headed up to Pittsburgh the night before which was awesome. They have an IKEA and I have been missing our walks around IKEA. I love that store!! In Phoenix we would go walk around several times a year. The next day I boarded my flight to Iowa. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time.

So I got to Iowa with everyone picking me up. I was so great to see my aunts and grandpa. The last time I was in Iowa wasn't for a good reason so it had been at least 4 years since I have been back to Iowa for fun. (That's way too long!) Play by play for the rest of the day: lunch, chilling, and getting ready for the game.

So a friend told me that they opened gates at 6pm, so we got there at 6:23p thinking we could get in. NOPE.. Gates didn't open until 7pm. (Granted it was 8pm game on ESPN but they promoted all sorts of different times.) So I stood out in the cold for 45 minutes. It was fun because we met some really great people. They all love my blanket scarf. We also talked about arm knitting as well and I taught a few people how to do it.

Doors Open. The game was amazing!! Our seats were kinda crappy but it didn't matter. I was at HILTON (Hilton Magic) watching my 2 FAVORITE teams. Life couldn't get any better.

Rest of the weekend was awesome. We went to craft shops, I ate my way through Iowa. You really never miss something until you can't go down the street to get Dahl's Donuts or Casey pizza or corn or beef. So many good places to eat! Friday we went to Applebees and I got the Hoiberger. You've been me instagram it here and here. I'm happy to say the Hoiberger has sold more than that other school's coach. (Yes, I can't even say. Sorry Stephanie. I love you though.)

Sunday was D-Day. I had to go home. I was NOT ready at all for multiple reason. I was so lucky that I got my flight changed for FREE. I didn't think that was possible. So I got to stay a few hours longer in Iowa. Looking back though I should have went to West Virginia.

I can't wait to go back, but not quite sure when that will be. We have some big trips planned in 2015 as well as eliminating some debt in our life.

During the past couple of months I have also been home sick. Like real home sick. I usually don't get it this bad, but this time it was different. I was so excited to go to Michigan for Thanskgiving. A week later I was excited to go back to Iowa.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day In The Life with Cayte

Sports Life Daily

Hey Everyone! I'm back. Well kinda. I have the amazing and wonderful Cayte taking over my blog for the final installment of Day in the Life Sports Edition. I recently found her blog during the final months of the baseball season. I'm also glad I found her because she is in VA. So enough of me babbling on how great I think she is because that will come for another day. 

Hello Jessa Olson lovers!

Thank you for stopping by today and reading all about my exciting baseball life. My name is Cayte and my husband plays professional baseball with the Cleveland Indians.  You can follow along our crazy life at Blog With The Browns where I blog about anything from my weekend trips to see D.J. play baseball to my weekend crafting activities! 

Unlike Martha Kate from the previous A Day In The Life series, I do not have the privilege of traveling with my husband wherever the team takes them.  After we got married last September, we both knew that it would be best for me to remain at my full time job.  Considering we had just bought a house and I had only been at the job for about 3 months, we knew this would make the most sense financially and for my professional career.  

So my typical day during baseball season looks something similar to this..

6 a.m. - wake up, let Stryker out, workout, shower, and get ready for work
8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. - work
3:15 to 4:45 p.m. - volleyball practice (right now I am coaching middle school girls volleyball. When the season is over, I work from 8:30-4:30)
6 p.m. - cook dinner for myself or go to my parents and mooch of their food ;)
7 p.m.- turn the game on my phone to listen.  I usually watch tv while I am listening unless D.J. is pitching and I actually pay attention.  I tell everyone there is a difference between paying attention to a game and watching/listening to a game!
10 p.m - wait for D.J. to call me, talk for 10 minutes, then go to sleep!

Since the team D.J. was on this year was close enough for me to make weekend trips, the weekends looked similar to what a "normal" baseball lifestyle would be like. Waking up at noon, having lunch dates, and finishing the day off with a baseball game and staying up till the wee hours of the morning!

During the off season, it takes a while for D.J. to get back on a routine of going to sleep at normal hours and for me to get used to having my husband back, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Some wives can't understand why I don't travel with my husband and sometimes I had to admit, I wonder that too.  Then I remember how much D.J. appreciates the work I do at home to keep our house clean and updated as well as provide a stable income for our family.  Until he gets that most sought after call up, we will continue to make it work how we do! 

Hope to see you all follow along as readers soon!


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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day In The Life with Martha Kate

Another installment of Day In the Life Sports Edition. Today is Martha Kate from Seasons with the Strattons. I have recently found her blog and fell in love with her instantly. She travels with her husband to whatever team he is playing for at the time. 

In an effort for more of y'all to understand what Minor League Life is like, I wanted to share what a day in our lives looks like during baseball season.  Our schedule varies depending on if the team is playing at home or on the road and the time of the game.  Most games are night games, so this is a typical day:

10:30 Wake Up
This is a relatively "early" morning... Sometimes we don't wake up until 12:00, which for this morning person is crazy late.

12:00 Lunch
This normally looks like me cooking lunch or grabbing Panera.  Since Chris is never home for dinner, I like to cook lunch or my cooking skills would be really rusty during the offseason.  I cook enough so that I can have the leftovers for dinner so I don't have to eat at the field!

1:30 Chris Leaves
Anywhere from 1:00-2:00 Chris heads to the field for BP and stretch before the game.  This is when I blog, run any errands, work out, or do things around the cottage.  Pretty much it is my time during the day that I get things done!

6:00 Head to the Game
This depends on the day.  Games normally start at 7:00, but as the season gets towards the end I tend to show up later and later on days Chris isn't pitching.  That is what around 140 baseball games in five months does to you.

7:00-10:00 Baseball Game

11:00 Get Home
Depending on how long it takes Chris to get out of the locker room, we are home around 11:00.  Chris eats his dinner that he gets at the field, and we unwind after the game.  This is my favorite time of the day night, because we have time to talk about our days and spend some time together.

2:00 Bed Time
Now you understand why we don't wake up until 12:00 some mornings! 

It is definitely a crazy lifestyle that not many other jobs are like.  Needless to say, one of our favorite parts of the offseason is getting back into a normal routine.  Which means we are in bed by 9:00! 

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

101 in 1001

Start Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2014

End Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2017


1. Be at ideal weight
2. Keep my ideal weight for 3 months (ideally, forever)
3. Wake up at 5am for 30 days 
4. Go to bed at 10pm for 30 days
5. Give up pop (soda, coke, whatever you call it)
6. Be a mom
7. Find a beauty routine
8. Find a skin routine
9. Get a tattoo with Gary
10. Find a signature fragrance. 
11. Wardrobe Capsule
12. Celebrate 5 years with Gary


13. Be more consistent 3-5 times a week
14. Sell out sponsorships for 1 month
15. Increase bloglovin to 1000 followers
16. Attend a blog conference
17. Meet 10 bloggers in person (Minus a blog conference)
18. Have business cards
19. Do a series
20. Write a guest post
21. Collaborate with another bloggers
22. Reach 1000 views in 1 day
23. Become a contributor on a blog


24. Have business cards
25. Attend a craft show
26. Expand new items in store
27. Have items in boutique
28. Learn 3 new stitches
29. Open shop away from etsy
30. Consider Shop Jessa Olson a PT job (Financially speaking)
31. Sell out of an item
32. Have my stuff featured in a magazine and/or online shop
33. Create a marketing calendar


34. Run a 5k
35. Run a 10k
36. Run a half marathon
37. Run a whole marathon
38. Drink 64oz of water for 4 days
39. Try a new workout class
40. Stretch every morning for 30 days
41. Exercise 5 days a week for a month
42. Do the splits
43. No eating out for a month
44. Develop a fitness routine and stick to it. 

45. Get a passport
46. Visit Canada
47. Go to National Convention for Delta Zeta
48. Visit DC
49. Visit NYC
50. Go camping
51. See a broadway show
52. Cruise
53. Visit Nashville
54. Work on goal to visit 50 states (   /50)
55. Take Amtrak somewhere
56. White water rafting
57. Go to an All-Star Game
58. Go to a NFL stadium
59. See a sunset
60. See a sunrise
61. Visit a winery
62. Visit a brewery


63. Calligraphy
64. Shoot a bow and arrow
65. Take a self defense class. 
66. Sew a pair of pants by myself
67. Sew a pair of shorts by myself
68. Sew a whole outfit by myself


69. Ride in limo
70. Get a real Christmas tree
71. Date Night with hubs once a week
72. Professional photos as a family 
73. Do 5 projects from pinterest
74. Read 101 books
75. Finish decorating our house
76. No technology for a day
77. Host a game night
78. Join a book club


79. Buy a new laptop
80. Buy a new camera
81. Host both sides of the family for a holiday dinner
82. Establish family traditions
83. No negative talk for 7 straight days
84. Organize files on flash drive
85. Make the bed for 30 days
86. Find a new hobby. 
87. Buy a house


88. Create a gratitude journal
89. Read the bible all the way through
90. Find a church family
91. Find a mentoring couple
92. Find a small group
93. Finish FPU
94. Pray with Gary every night for 30 days
95. Memorize a bible verse each month for a year
96. Constant quiet time
97. Go on a womens retreat


98. Have $5000 in savings
99. Be debt free minus student loans
100. Start a 401K
101. Create a budget and stick with it

What's your favorite thing on my list? Do you have a list? 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day In the Life.....Intern.....Sports Edition

Sports Day Life

Last week I started my Day In the Life Sports Edition. I had my amazing husband talk to you about what he does on a day to day basis, and how I may be a gold digger. (Love you bb)

Today I have the amazing and wonderful Kasey from Kasey at the Bat. If you haven't met her you need to get over there ASAP, but wait until you've finished this post though. Thanks! 

Hey! I’m Kasey, a baseball junkie and former Trainee with the Atlanta Braves. I blog over at Kasey at The Bat and I’m here to tell you about a day in the life of a baseball intern! Technically the Trainee program is a little more than an internship but a little less than a forever job. Obviously, this is my personal experience and is by no means anything to officially represent the organization.

So this article is a little tough for me to write, because there are never two days that go the same way! So my dream has always been to work in the Community Affairs department for the Atlanta Braves and I realized that dream at 24. I’m going to walk you through a typical game day with an event [which was pretty much every game day for our department!]

First and foremost I would have to start the day with at least one cup of coffee, sometime between A-ball and the Majors I developed a serious caffeine addiction. I’m pretty sure that anyone who works in baseball and can manage it without coffee is either lying or a wizard. Next up, we have to start set up for whatever event we have going on. This includes everything from making sure tickets are printed to following up with vendors and probably unloading a van or two.

After making it through the pregame checklist for the event, it’s time to prepare for the actual game. This includes putting together goody bags for people who ordered a special message to go on the LED boards during the game, pulling silent auction items, creating and printing the bid sheets, and making sure all of the paperwork was printed and ready for the 50/50 Raffle. Once I have all of that handled, I’m back to preparations for the pregame event.

The department is a small one, so our events depended heavily on some pretty outstanding volunteers. We would need to set up check-in outside of the gates, make sure the patio area where the event would be held is ready to go, and finish up any last minute dealings with the vendors. I would help set up the silent auction before the gates opened.

Once the game started and the event was over, I would get to catch my breath and grab something to eat! I would then head over to the silent auction and shut it down and usually by the time I finished with that, it was time to close the 50/50 Raffle. Once the 50/50 Raffle number was drawn, I would put together the paperwork, update the phone line and website, and hope the winner was waiting for me when I handed over the paperwork!

Usually my night would be done around the 8th inning, so I could catch the last inning or so of the game. It was a year of long hours, a lot of responsibilities, a ton of work, and I wouldn’t trade anything for the experience I gained. I would absolutely recommend the Trainee program to anyone looking to work in sports, and I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in applying! 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sports Stuff I don't understand

I like sports and for the most part I can watch any sports. There are a few sports things that I just don't understand. I don't know if I will ever really understand it. 

1. Icing the kicker: 

For those who aren't sport savy, this is when the defensive team calls a timeout right before the kicker kicks the ball. Basically the coach thinks if he calls a time out the kicker is going to be thrown off his game. Does it actually work? I researched this and the answer is no. 

Field goal success whether opponent calls a timeout or not
(Percentage of kicks made)
All kicks
Not iced
Less than two minuntes left in fourth quarter or OT76.2%74.2%77.6%
Less than one minunte left in fourth quarter or OT75.5%74.3%76.4%
Less than 30 seconds left in fourth quarter or OT76.5%76.0%76.9%
Less than 15 seconds left in fourth quarter or OT76.4%77.5%75.4%
If it doesn't work then why does coaches continue to do it. Because of tradition, and traditions die hard. 

2. All-Star Nominees: 

So this year, Jeff Samardzija was nominated to play in the All-Star game by the Cubs (which is a National League team) but he got to traded to the A's (which is an American League team) before the All-Star Game. So he couldn't play for the National League. 
Sports Stuff
But what I think is ironic is that if a player gets traded during the season and team A goes to the world series then the player gets a World Series ring. That doesn't make any sense to me. 

3. Hockey coaches that pull the goalie: 

I'm just going to throw it out there that hockey in general confuses me. Yes, I worked for a hockey team and it wasn't the best experience (that's a post for another day). But I really don't get why a goalie get pulled with less than a minute. Ok. I take it back I get the principle of it: it gives the team that is down another offensive player. But to me it's a lot like icing the kicker. 

I researched this as well. Shocking enough it works but coaches often pull the goalie too late. They should pull between 1:30 and 2 minutes left in the game. I wish I could see it actually work, but most of the games that I have watched it doesn't work. 

4. Soccer in general: 

I really think Sarah should create a how to understand soccer 101 like she did for baseball

What sports tactics do you not get? 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Day In the Life.... Sports Edition

So everyone asks me what my husband does during the season or during the off season. He actually does a lot. Everyone is the sports industry does a lot during and out of a season. It's not the typical athlete glamorous life like you see on tv. So I have asked some of my favorite people to give you a glimpse of what it's like as mascot, intern, baseball player, wife that travels with the team, and wife that doesn't travel with her man. 

First is my husband to give you what it's like on game day. 

Hello everybody! This is Gary AKA the hubs AKA Jessa's husband AKA the chump that makes her move a lot. I work in minor league baseball and for the most part it is like playing professional baseball. You want to move up in leagues into bigger cities and advance the career. This is the case for most people, but the difference for me is that I want to stay in minor league baseball. The dream is to be a general manager or president of a Triple A baseball team. That is neither here nor there. This is about the day in the life on a game day of a front office staff.

My day starts off in the morning by pulling tarp if we put it on the night before. If not, I start out by making the group concierge form. This lets everyone on the staff know which groups we have out at the ballpark that night, where they are sitting, tables that they may have and I throw in who we are playing and any promotions that we have going on for the day. After getting this completed. I update all the group numbers. This is more time consuming than you think. Not only does that number have to match our end of season number, but it has to match what I have with the box office on that game.

After the numbers and paper work, I will get in some sales calls. This is a year round thing. I sell sponsorship's, season tickets, mini plans, groups and suites. I have a full menu to sell. Hopefully things are good and I'm bringing in the money. Don't let Jess fool you, she likes the finer things in life (mountain dew, pop tarts and Wendy's Junior bacon cheeseburgers). If I don't bring in some of that good green, Heisman cannot get his Minties, treats and rubber ducks too and Jess can't get those finer things. Honestly they aren't that bad. :)

Not only am I doing all this, but other departments are getting things ready. Promotions will get everything ready for the in-game stuff and the mc, operations is getting the stadium game ready and things set up for the given night, our grounds keeper is getting the field ready throughout the day, broadcasting is getting the stats for the game and preparing topics to talk about, merchandise is getting everything stocked to sell in the store and for vendors and our food is getting cooked for picnics, party decks and the concession stands, our box office is printing tickets and taking day of game orders. Lots of work go into the game before we even open the gates.

Once the game happens, we hand out game day programs, I've done the line score, passed out giveaways, taken trash to the dumpster, taken more food out for our picnics, done the on-field MC (Side Note: His MC name is Rated G), visit groups, sold tickets at our sales table, picked up fireworks, been the PA announcer, ran a camera, you get the picture. Being in the South Atlantic League, you do everything. That is just the way it is. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

As you probably guessed a lot goes into getting the game experience ready for people to enjoy and beer and hot dog while getting to watch the game. An average day during the season is usually about 12-14 hours. Depends on how fast the game goes. Whatever you do don't talk about the pace of the game. If you say this game is going fast, it immediately turns into the world's longest game. 

I wouldn't change anything I do. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I know that it can be hard on Jessa during the season because when I get home she is usually in bed. Did I mention that we have moved a lot to? She has been great throughout everything and has sacrificed a lot for me to pursue my dream. Without her support I couldn't do what I love.

That is about it. If anyone ever wants to come to a game in Charleston, WV, you let Jessa know and we will get you the good seats. Make a blate!    

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Becoming a Better Runner

I'm using August as a new year. A time to use to love to run and work out. Yes you read it right. I would LOVE to run and work out. When Gary and I first got together we could easily be at the gym for at least an hour. Now 30 minutes and we are ready to go home. Maybe we have master at focusing and getting a good workout in or just lazy. 

1. I make a schedule of what I am going to do each day both running and work out schedule. I set down at the end of each month for the next month. This keeps me accountable and less guesswork. If I have to think about what I am going to do then I will probably come up with a reason not to do that day. Then the excuses keep coming for multiple days. 

2. Proper Clothes: It's tough to workout in jeans and a sweater. I set out my clothes the night before so I don't have to think about it. They are right there when I wake up. Or I wear them to bed too. Not only does this go with clothes, but shoes as well. I have ran with all types of shoes. Invest in them. 
Perfect Nike outfit for sport ladies | Fashion World

3. Drink more water: I'm not a big fan of just plain water so I add cucumbers, strawberries, and lemon to the water. I am a big fan of this and highly recommend it to everyone! 

4. Stretch: Make sure that you stretch both pre and post run. There are tons of stretches on pinterest. 

5. Don't compare: This can be applied to anything in life. Don't compare your start to someone else's middle or end. As cheesy as that sounds it's the truth. 

6. Eat right: Eating cheeseburgers, tacos, and pop is not good running fuel. They are all good (tasting) but not good to run at least! But the right fuel is your body. 

7. Run different routes: I love this tip because as someone new to the area I can see a different parts of the city. So I'm excited to go out and run and experience more of Charleston. 

What are some tips you would add? 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Craft: Game Ticket Shadow Box

Gary and I go to a lot of sporting events. Which sometimes I think is really odd because he works in the sports industry. (You would think on vacation he wouldn't want anything to do with sports.) I have kept most of our tickets, and for the most part we have kept them in a zip lock bag in the closet. I didn't know what I wanted to do with these tickets until I saw this gem on Pinterest.

Sporting Events

These are a few of our favorite games. The Oklahoma game was awesome because we purchased tickets on Stubhub but while we were tailgating we found a guy who had closer tickets to our friends. So we traded him tickets and a beer for those tickets. Granted the team was playing Ball State. 

Used tickets

I got my shadow box at Michael's. Shadow boxes are kinda expensive so I waited until they went on sale. If you wait long enough you can get a good deal: I got mine during buy one get one free. Plus I had a coupon for 25% off the total purchase including sale items. I got 2 shadow boxes for $15. 

The other shadow box is for all the pocket schedules. Each game we go to I get a pocket schedule. We love seeing how every team has a different pocket schedule with promotions. 

Game Schedules

I separated all the pocket schedules by leagues. You can see we attend more MiLB and MLB games. 

These are a few of our favorite pocket schedules. The Astros was on our honeymoon to Houston. It was the Brewers vs. Astros. I loved this stadium and we also got to see a lot of the players from Oklahoma City RedHawks that got promoted. Gary loves this Yankees pocket schedule from the time that he interviewed to work with the Yankees. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go with him but he wants to take me to NY. 

Game Day Pocket Schedules

Just like the shadow box for the game tickets. When we put our favorite pocket schedules in front and then placed the rest in pattern to make them stay in place. It really doesn't matter how you put them in the box. We just wanted to showcase our favorite. 

Pinterest Schedules

We have been to enough games that the shadow boxes are full, but if you don't and just get a piece of scrapbooking paper. The paper can be glued or taped to the back of the box for some decor. 

Do you keep old tickets? What do you do with them? 

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening Day should be National Holiday

We all know that I love college football the most, but MLB is a strong second. My husband on the other hand LOVES baseball. It should be a national holiday. Now I (the hubs) will take over on this!

My favorite sport is baseball! I love MLB, Minor League Baseball and college baseball. College football is a strong second. The wifey poo is opposite of me on this, as previously stated. Opening day should be a national holiday. There was a petition signed to take this to congress. The first signature was by hall of famer, Ozzie Smith. Although I'm not a Cardinals fan, I respect Ozzie, the wizard of Oz, Smith! It has gone to the house and hopefully it will get passed. This now brings me to the next point....OPENING DAY!

Opening day for the MLB is tomorrow. This is truly better than Christmas morning! People will skip work, play hooky and kids will be pulled out of school for this glorious day! Jessa and I experienced our first opening day last year while we were in Phoenix. We saw the Diamondb
cks and Cardinals! Opening day was everything I could expect and I wish that we could play hooky and go to another this year! BTW the D-Backs won that game! I love opening day because it is the start of a new season, every teams ace pitcher pitches against each other and everyone, no matter who you root for, is still thinking their team has a chance to hoist the World Series Trophy in October. My Brew Crew included! Opening day is special because you get to see new rookies who earned their spot on a team and in some cases the last hoo-rah of some great players. Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees and Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox will have this last hoo-rah this year. Both of them are sure fire hall of famers. I forgot to mention that opening day is the first time that you can have that hot dog made fresh from a grill and have that beer that you have longed to drink since October ended! So play hooky, call in sick and take the kids to the ballpark to watch the greatest game, America's past time in person! Get ready for all 162 games and the dog days of summer!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Story of Heisman

The Story of Heisman

We got Heisman after being married for 6 months. Gary always wanted a doxie.

I decided on a picture of Heisman. We got Heisman from a friend of a friend's mom on facebook. She had a litter of half doxie and half jack russel dogs that she couldn't keep. Heisman was the only boy out of the group. As soon as I saw this picture on my friends page, I knew that I had to have a pup. 

When he was ready we went down to pick him up. He was born in South Norman, which is 30 minutes south of Oklahoma City. As we were driving down we talked about names. If we would get his sister to. We saw Heisman at first glance fell in love. 

Since then we have experienced so much love from Heisman. We had a good life before Heisman, but now I can't imagine my life without him. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds he has made our life so much better. I love this dog!! 

While we are getting settled in Charleston, he will be living my parents in Michigan. I can't wait to hear all about his stay there. 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Go to A Sporting Event with Us?

How we watch baseball

I saw this from Helene in the past but hers was about a music festival. 

This got me thinking about us and sporting events. We go to a lot of sporting events in Phoenix. There are many reasons behind this: 1.) We like sports 2.) We get free or extremely discounted tickets for games. 3.) We like looking at what the "competition" is doing. Before you all email me comments that you want to come to a game with us this year let me tell you what an average game looks like.

Before The Game
We get there AT LEAST an hour before the game (most of the time earlier than that).

We walk around the entire stadium or arena at least once to see what's going on 

I usually take a ridiculous amount of pictures

We go to our seats so I can write the names for the starting line up so I can keep score. 

During The Game
Bathroom or drink breaks are only at 1/2 innings or halftime

We may talk strategy for each team, player bios, etc

Talk about the promotions to see if they make sense to what the promotion is.

After The Game
Visit the merchandise store

Go talk about getting season tickets to "test" the reps. Don't feel bad they all do it to each other.  

I know that this probably sounds really boring, but we do have a good time and enjoy the game. 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Make Up Bag

To many peoples surprise I love makeup! I have always loved mixing and matching eye shadows. One of my goals in my 40 before 40 to have a makeup and skincare routine, but I like trying new things. 

Most of my makeup is mineral makeup right now. I am loving the coverage and natural look in mineral makeup. 

Every morningI start off with moisturizer then cover with primer. If I am in a real hurry (which is every morning) I mix the moisturizer and primer together. The moisturizer is from a brand called Simple and my primer is ELF.  I really like them both because it allows my make up last longer but it's not greasy. I use the whole Simple collection as my skincare routine. 

This weekend we went to Kierland Commons and a place called The Cos Bar. It's a really cool little place. It has all types of make up brands in one place. Plus they give you tons of samples to take home with you. I am in the middle of trying a new foundation from Chanel. I really like it so far, the only con is the price. 

I'm actually really picky about my eyeshadow. Some of my favorites are: Clinque's Beach Plum and Lucky Penny from Bare Minerals. I'm so picky about my eyeshadow. When I find something I stick with it. 

I'm not a big blush fan and rarely wear blush. I rather wear bronzer. I am really afraid that I will look like a clown. If I do its an amazing color from Bare Mineral that's a perfect peachy color. I absolutely love it and the little bit of shimmer as well. 

Mascara is something that I have recently started using again. For the longest time I didn't apply mascara because I have naturally long lashes and mascara usually made them so much longer! I hated it but now should love my lashes instead of hating! 

And to set my look I use ELF Spray. It's great because just 3 sprays and my make up is set. 

What do you use that you LOVE? 

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