Monday, February 10, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Go to A Sporting Event with Us?

How we watch baseball

I saw this from Helene in the past but hers was about a music festival. 

This got me thinking about us and sporting events. We go to a lot of sporting events in Phoenix. There are many reasons behind this: 1.) We like sports 2.) We get free or extremely discounted tickets for games. 3.) We like looking at what the "competition" is doing. Before you all email me comments that you want to come to a game with us this year let me tell you what an average game looks like.

Before The Game
We get there AT LEAST an hour before the game (most of the time earlier than that).

We walk around the entire stadium or arena at least once to see what's going on 

I usually take a ridiculous amount of pictures

We go to our seats so I can write the names for the starting line up so I can keep score. 

During The Game
Bathroom or drink breaks are only at 1/2 innings or halftime

We may talk strategy for each team, player bios, etc

Talk about the promotions to see if they make sense to what the promotion is.

After The Game
Visit the merchandise store

Go talk about getting season tickets to "test" the reps. Don't feel bad they all do it to each other.  

I know that this probably sounds really boring, but we do have a good time and enjoy the game. 

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