Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sports Stuff I don't understand

I like sports and for the most part I can watch any sports. There are a few sports things that I just don't understand. I don't know if I will ever really understand it. 

1. Icing the kicker: 

For those who aren't sport savy, this is when the defensive team calls a timeout right before the kicker kicks the ball. Basically the coach thinks if he calls a time out the kicker is going to be thrown off his game. Does it actually work? I researched this and the answer is no. 

Field goal success whether opponent calls a timeout or not
(Percentage of kicks made)
All kicks
Not iced
Less than two minuntes left in fourth quarter or OT76.2%74.2%77.6%
Less than one minunte left in fourth quarter or OT75.5%74.3%76.4%
Less than 30 seconds left in fourth quarter or OT76.5%76.0%76.9%
Less than 15 seconds left in fourth quarter or OT76.4%77.5%75.4%
If it doesn't work then why does coaches continue to do it. Because of tradition, and traditions die hard. 

2. All-Star Nominees: 

So this year, Jeff Samardzija was nominated to play in the All-Star game by the Cubs (which is a National League team) but he got to traded to the A's (which is an American League team) before the All-Star Game. So he couldn't play for the National League. 
Sports Stuff
But what I think is ironic is that if a player gets traded during the season and team A goes to the world series then the player gets a World Series ring. That doesn't make any sense to me. 

3. Hockey coaches that pull the goalie: 

I'm just going to throw it out there that hockey in general confuses me. Yes, I worked for a hockey team and it wasn't the best experience (that's a post for another day). But I really don't get why a goalie get pulled with less than a minute. Ok. I take it back I get the principle of it: it gives the team that is down another offensive player. But to me it's a lot like icing the kicker. 

I researched this as well. Shocking enough it works but coaches often pull the goalie too late. They should pull between 1:30 and 2 minutes left in the game. I wish I could see it actually work, but most of the games that I have watched it doesn't work. 

4. Soccer in general: 

I really think Sarah should create a how to understand soccer 101 like she did for baseball

What sports tactics do you not get? 

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  1. Haha- if you ever have any questions about hockey, definitely ask me! For pulling the goalie, its just a last ditch effort- if you are going to lose anyways, might as well get an extra foot (or player) forward and in there! A "sport" that I don't understand over here in Sweden is Harness Racing…pretty much, it is horse racing but they are only allowed to trot (power walk, to us humans)…what is the point of a power walking race?!

  2. haha is it bad to say I'm still confused?! Hockey is the only sport I understand because it's the only one I watch regularly but ya, sometimes the rules and the jargon can makes sports so confusing

  3. I don't understand soccer at all! I was super confused with "offsides" in soccer. Too much for me!

  4. I think icing the kicker was more effective when Shanahan started it. Now, it's just a pain in the ass. But pulling the goalie does make sense if 1) the game is close, and 2) you can keep the puck on the offensive side of the ice.

  5. If you have any questions on soccer, just ask. I'm a huge soccer fan.

    I don't understand why they try and ice the kicker. Let your research shows, it doesn't work.
    What a great post!

  6. Hahahah "Soccer in genera;" YES I can so relate.. I know nothing about soccer! Baseball brain 24/7 has that effect I guess ;)

  7. Soccer is so so far over my head. I don't get it at all!

  8. Soccer is only just now starting to make sense to me, but I still have a ton of questions.

  9. Chelsea @ Anchors AweighAug 27, 2014, 11:16:00 AM

    Haha I can safely say I don't get any of that either. I pretty well understand college football, but that's it! I barely know the basics of the other sports with the exception of tennis since that's what I played growing up!

  10. I don't get soccer or hockey... Not even the basics..

  11. I totally don't get soccer. Glad that I am not the only one.

  12. I am working on it!! Thanks for coming to my blog.

  13. Can you teach me your ways in hockey?

  14. I will be emailing you about hockey. I worked for a hockey team and still don't get it.


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