Sunday, February 25, 2018

Currently Feb 2018

Reading: Essentialism By Greg Mckeown
Playing: Oregon Trail Board Game
Working on: Less Idle Time
Watching: Real Housewives of Atlanta
Knowing: I don't need to go to bed right now. But I really want to
Trying: Organize my new planner. #passionplanner
Eating: Steak with Lobster and Potatoes
Drinking: Coke
Learning: Blog Boss Babe with Helene In Between
Following: tons of fitness people on IG
Smelling: Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and Body Works
Doing: Deep cleaning our apartment. 667 sq ft isn't much y'all
Praying: Stop feeling so anxious and defensive
Going: to Planet Fitness for Red Light and Tanning
Making: a blanket. Single stitch crochet blanket. I'm crazy!!
Loving: My tv stand.
Hating: Feeling so defeated and unappreciated
Discovering: how much phone data we have & don't use
Enjoying: Staying inside the apartment all day
Wasting: Time watching TV.
Thinking: I need more day before going back to work
Feeling: Overwhelmed
Needing: To not drink as much pop.
Wearing: Sweats and My Total Nutrition Hoodie
Looking forward to: getting back into running
Hoping for: a short week. last week took forever
Listening to: Lean by Paul Akers
Celebrating: I got the WHOLE set for the Funko Royals
Considering: The Contentment Challenge by Nancy Ray
Finishing: all my small projects to cross it off my to do list
Writing: The month of March. Organizing my planner
Starting: Developing systems for this blog

Monday, February 5, 2018

State of the Blog 2018

The Fitness Gypsy - State of the Blog 2018

Seriously I wonder how it February in 2018 right now. I feel like it wasn't that long ago that I made the decision to start blogging again. (October 2017) I started looking at a redesign and thinking about what I would write about it again. Then I thought of a launch date but out a few posts then crickets. Then it was December and I was working on my powersheets and blogging kept coming back up as something I wanted. So here we are AGAIN!!

So as of right now, I will be posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I do spend a lot of time on instagram (@jessaolson_) if you want to find me everyday.

Monday - Lifestyle: so probably going to a lot of different things.  

Wednesday - Workouts: reviews, opinions, playlist

Friday - Travel: some sports or places, lists

I hope to eventually blog more but for right now this is what I want to commit to. I am trying to focus on being consistent with things and get into a routine. I feel like I have been just been floating from thing to thing. I am starting to write down everything I do in 30 min increments to have an idea of how I am using my time. I went to 168 hours website and downloaded the excel document. I wrote out of what I wanted my schedule to look like IN PENCIL, because I might change things around.

I am REALLY excited for 2018 compared to years past. We have several trips planned, goals to pay down debt, live more simplistic, and keep our goals in the front of our minds all the time.

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