Wednesday, July 18, 2018

35 Things About Me

To continue celebrating my 35th birthday I am doing 35 things about myself. I got this idea from Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect. You should check out her 50 things about her.

1. I'm slightly obsessed with sports. Mostly MLB/MiLB/College Football

2. I'm trying to live a more simplistic life 

3. I prefer beer over liquor

4. I have pop (soda/coke/whatever) for breakfast every morning

5. I wanted to be a music teacher in my first year of college

6. I over think EVERYTHING!! 

7. My favorite colors are navy blue and barbie pink

8. I am a homebody

9. I love to read. Favorite book growing up The Diary of Anne Frank

10. I hate horror movies

11. Some of my favorite shows are NCIS, Law and Order

12. I rarely wear makeup 

13. I use to be a hoarder and now clutter bothers me

14. I love trying new breweries

15. We have a dog named Heisman Barkley. Yes, named after the Heisman Trophy and Matt Barkley 

16. I enjoy tanning. Yes, I know I can get skin cancer but it makes me feel good so I'm going to do. (We all do things that are somewhat bad for us. Don't judge)

17. I don't like going to the movie theater

18. I have a sweet tooth. Cupcakes and cookies are my jam

19. I try to be tough but I'm pretty sensitive

20. I married my husband after only knowing him for 6 months. We got married 13 months later. Been married 7 years. 

21. I have super blue eyes. 

22. No matter how much I stretch I swear I am the most unflexible human ever

23. I still sleep with a stuff animal

24. I make friends pretty easily

25. I enjoy doing laundry. Washing and Folding. I hate doing dishes 

26. I want to retire in Arizona

27. I did IVF for random strangers

28. I wear long sleeves in hot weather

29. I'm a certified personal trainer

30. I have a small obsessions with bags. I have a variety of sizes and colors. I told Gary on our next move any bag I don't use I'm giving away

31. I'm a serial entrepreneur

32. I want to see the good in people always even when I know it's coming from a not so good place

33. My first concert was the Goo Goo Dolls

34. In high school, my room was decorated with everything Chipper Jones

35. I love taking pictures. At one point I wanted to be photojournalist

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