Friday, September 7, 2018

Everett Aquasox - Northwest League - Seattle Mariners - Short Season A

Baseball is coming to an end! Right now we are in Everett, Washington. (20 miles north of Seattle) Gary is the Director of Ticket Sales with the Everett Aquasox. We have been here 2 years. We have been here 2 years.

Northwest League Everett Aquasox

The Everett Aquasox play in the Northwest League as the short season A team for the Seattle Mariners. The team has been in Everett since 1984 as the Everett Giants. (SF Giants Affiliate) Then in 1995 the team became an Everett AquaSox (Marines Affiliate), and we've been a Mariners affiliate since.

The Aquasox play at Everett Memorial Stadium. They share the field with Everett High School, Everett Community College, and ONE MORE TEAM. Connected to the field is the Everett High School football field.

I will admit when he told me all this I wasn't a fan! I just think it should be a stand alone baseball field and we should be the only ones in it. (Or at least the main person on the contract.)

The stadium as a whole is ok. There are 2 places to pick up tickets north or south. I would recommend the south because parking is better. Once your in the stadium you'll be on ground level of the stadium. This is where all the food, team gear, beer area, etc is located.

To go to your seats you'll have to go up a flight of stairs for seating. I am not a huge fan of this layout because if I am going up a flight of stairs I would want everything up there. At least be able to see the game. There is play by play through the stadium but depends on the day if you can hear it.

Last year was the first year of the Everett Aquasox 5K. This year was AMAZING because the last .1 mile was around the ballpark and you finished at homeplate. I loved the run more this year than last year.

My other favorite event was BeerFest. There was 12 breweries that came and we got to sample 6-8 different beers. My favorite was from Silver City Brewery The Tropic Haze - Hazy IPA.
Everett BeerFest

Concessions: I love our concessions. There is a variety of options - healthy, traditional ballpark, and some new things. My personal favorite is the Sarcha Chicken Bites. BEWARE: they only take cash. One thing that I wish we had more of is season food.

Merchandise: Every year at the start of the season I say I'm done buying things. Then I come in and they have new stuff that is so awesome. I love my Columbia jackets with the logo. They are great to wear year round in the PNW.

Overall Experience: It's fun and you'll have a great time for a third of the price at Safeco. Some of the promotions need to be mixed up more because if you come to multiple games it becomes predictable. Also the music needs be more energetic. One game it was sappy love songs and it was annoying. I ended up putting my headphones on to drown it out.


  1. I LOVED this post. The description of the park was great and enjoyed getting a little history about the team and park thrown in. I hope your plan is to do more posts like this in the future. Maybe about the past fields you and your husband worked at. I am excited about the future of your blog. :)

  2. Thank you so much for commenting. I do have plans to post more like this is the future. Seriously we have been to so many stadiums.


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