Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My Sporadic Attempt at Blogging

I have always love to write. I love notebooks and pens!! Lately, I have been going back and forth between electronic or pen and paper. Right now I am in between both. I started blogging back in 2009, right before I met my husband. It was through the Rainbows and storms. (I think.)

2010-2011ish: I was Life of A Sports Wife. This was the blogging fad - Everyone was Life of A ______. For me it became an identity and I think it overwhelmed me as well. My husband is a sports executive. I wanted to show our life through sports. It also became a struggle because I am more than someone who likes sports.

2014ish: I wanted to get serious about blogging so I went by my name. It was more of a lifestyle thing than anything else. I would just write about all the things I like. No niche. This was the time for bloggers I feel like that everyone was trying to be a stay at home blogger. That was everyone's dream. I know for a certain time that's something I had entertained.

Took a few years off still interested in blogging. Still thinking of ideas. I still posted on all my social media. Also during this time, I went through a deep depression. A lot of HORRIBLE things happened to me in West Virginia. On top of that, I couldn't find a job AT ALL because my husband worked for the team and I would just be moving at the end of the season. (Even though that's not how it works in the front office life) So I moved to Iowa lived with the family. I got what was my dream job working at one of the best gyms in Des Moines in sales. I worked ALL the time. That became my new identity.

Between 2015-2017 was a time of serial entrepreneurship between blogging and adding something to my blog. At one point I thought I should add selling my crochet and knitting my blog. I do love crafts, and people mentioned that I should try and sell some of my stuff. I tried kinda, and it failed. At first, I was upset because all I saw was everyone around me succeeding and I was failing.

I had other goals or things that I thought would be a great add-on to my blog but nothing panned out. They didn't pan out because I didn't fully 100% put everything I had into it. Looking back I see the mistakes. I also have learned to be ok with failure. Failure is not something I take gracefully. (But that's something for another day.)

2016-2017ish: I rebranded again The Fitness Gypsy. I am a certified personal trainer living the baseball gypsy life. First off, people might get bad at the term gypsy. I seriously don't mean any disrespect. If you look up the definition of gypsy one would be nomadic or free-spirit. My husband and I are essentially nomads in my opinion. We moved around every 2-4 years for the job.

2018: After paying again for the blog hosting I decided that this is the year. If I don't write enough then I'm closing the website. And that wasn't something I was ready for. So here I am writing once again.

I miss blogging. I miss the community. I wish some of the bloggers I followed would return. But I am hoping my small space here.

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