Monday, December 31, 2018

The Contentment Challenge - The Beginning - Round 2

Surprise!! I am doing the Contentment Challenge Round 2. I did the challenge once before and it was horrible. I did the challenge in the middle of a move. I really thought I could do it. To be honest we did really well not spending much money but what I wanted to get out of the challenge was far from anything.

I am really hoping this time I am successful and able to continue throughout the year. I am hoping for power in numbers and having accountability. Wish me Luck. If you are doing this please message me so we can do this together.

The Contentment Challenge: January, February, and March 2019                                  (Hopefully continuing through the year)

The Guidelines: 

  • Reading 2 books each month. One on personal development and on living on less
  • Bible Verses for each month related to the theme
  • Only purchases this month: gifts (if needed), necessities (if needed), date night (one a month), and SCW Fitness Mania in March
  • An activity replacing the urge topurchas something. Mine is going to be running. We are preparing for the Modesto Half Marathon
THEME: MY Why (Get from the notebook)

Each month:

  • Theme. Will also go along with the overall theme/why
  • Bible Verse to memorize
  • Progress towards the Half Marathon
I am so excited to participate in the #contentmentchallenge! I can't wait to change my mentality towards money and belongings. I will post on the 1st of the each month to check in on how I am doing with the challenge.

Are you doing the Challenge? Could you do the Challenge? 

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