Thursday, January 31, 2019


We are back for another week of the Gratitude Journey. Each week is a different topic to reflect on and make us more grateful.

THIS WEEK: Favorite Memory 

My memory that I am most grateful for is the time with my grandpa. My grandpa passed away about a year ago. I miss him a lot. At his funeral we did a time where anyone could talk about their memory of him. 

One of my favorite memories of him is when I was little. He would also check my teeth to see if they were loose. If any were close he would pull them out with pillars. He would do the normal one, two, three and pull. Then tell me he didn't get while I was halfway down the hall screaming. Of course, he got it but loved to be a trickster. 

Another would be the times he would take me for a cheeseburger a few towns over in his airplane. I remember landing at the airport and walking to the cheeseburger shop. When I was little I had no idea how much airplane gas was and didn't get why it was called the $50 cheeseburger. 

What's your favorite memory? 

Thursday, January 24, 2019


We are back for another week of the Gratitude Journey. Each week is a different topic to reflect on and make us more grateful.

THIS WEEK:  A City I've Visited 

This is a tough one because we have traveled to so many different places with just working baseball but the travel that we do in each town is crazy!!! We love to travel and explore the area because when we leave a place it might be the last time. As of currently the only place that I hope that we go back to is Arizona. I am so pissed with didn't get to Sedona while there. 

Moclips, Washington is probably one of the best cities we have visited. We got an amazing trip gifted to us from a gala we attend in Everett. We went at the end of the season and their offseason so it was pretty empty. But it was a BLAST!! 

We didn't get the best cell service but it was so pretty. We explore on the coast as well. It was great to be able to get around and not have to deal with crowds. The best memory I have is sleeping with the door open listening to the ocean while having a fire going in our place. And every day when we woke up looking into the ocean. 

What is a city you are grateful for? 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Week 12 - 4 Things I like About Myself - Gratitude Journey

We are back for another week of the Gratitude Journey. Each week is a different topic to reflect on and make us more grateful.

THIS WEEK: 4 Things I Like About Myself

This is going to be a really tough one for me. I really hate talking about myself and/or things that I admire about myself. I'm not sure why I just think of it as bragging. 

4 Things I Like About Myself 

1. Super Organized - I am great at organizing and time management. I am not one to procrastinate. When we go on trips I am usually the planner. Planning everything minus the baseball game. In the past, I would stuff so much into a small time now we just make a list of everything that would be fun to do. 

2. My Blue Eyes - Most days they are just any normal blue color. Then some days they are crazy bright blue. When I am crying they get ocean blue. 

3. Loyalty - I am extremely loyal. Sometimes way past when most people would give up. Sometimes I get burned and get a little upset over it. In the past year I have often hated this trait but it's me. There are more good than overall. 

4. Team Player/Hard Working - I am always willing to help out to anyone if I can. Every job that I have had the manager has always appreciated how much I am willing to help out. I knew as a lady working in sports I had to stand with crazy work ethic given in the past most men that the only reason girls wanted to work in sports was to get husband. 

BONUS - My body build - I am always underestimated for what I could carry because I have a ballerina build. I have crazy arm strength and it always shocks people. Plus my long legs are pretty awesome. 
Took a while to appreciate those but I'm glad I came around., 

What do you like about yourself? 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Week 11 - Hobby - Gratitude Journey

We are back for another week of the Gratitude Journey. Each week is a different topic to reflect on and make us more grateful.


Right now my favorite hobby would be this space. I love writing and journaling. There is something special (to me) about a fresh, new notebook with new pens. 

I have had this little space for quite a while. It's been under a few different names and lots of different breaks usually due to moves. For some reason, I would never plan things out during a baseball move. I have been The Fitness Gypsy for about 2 years. 

I love this space because I am able to write and just write. It's whatever is on my mind. I love sharing our trips that usually revolve around baseball games but we still try and do other touristy stuff. I hope to share more of my workouts in the upcoming future. 

My next favorite hobby is crocheting/knitting. I don't do it as often as I would like, but I still love it. I'm currently working on a blanket but honestly, I don't know when it's going to get finished. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

19 in 2019

Here's to 19 Things I want to do in 2019:

1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

2. Run a 5k, 10k, Half, Full (maybe)

3. Read 19 books

4. Certified in at least 3 different fitness certifications

5. Relaunch my blog - making the switch to Wordpress

6. Complete Gary's hat Collection

7. Launch 3 products on my blog

8. Collaborate with another trainer online

9. Be debt free minus student loans

10. Savings plus $5000

11. Start homebrewing

12. Plan a friend date once a month

13. Create and solidify a Morning and Evening Routine

14. Attend a fitness convention

15. Successful blog

16. Ideal Weight Consistently

17. Ambassador for a company on my dream list

18. Secret Goal - not ready to talk about it

19. Vacation Weekend - Palm Springs or Yosemite

What are things that you want to accomplish for 2019? 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Week 10 - Quote That Inspires - Gratitude Journey

We are back for another week of the Gratitude Journey. Each week is a different topic to reflect on and make us more grateful. 

THIS WEEK: Quote That Inspires

I love inspirational quotes. I even have a Pinterest board of all things inspirational. But interesting enough I don't have any quotes around our place or on my phone. So it literally stays on my pinterest board and that's about it.

My favorite right now.

I usually let fear stop me. I worry if it will work out and what people will think. Or I put anything similar will that person think I am copying them, etc. I seriously overthink EVERYTHING and let fear stop by.

My favorite bible verse.

What are quotes that inspire you?

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Contentment Challenge - First Month - Round 2

I have spent a lot of time thinking about living on less. Like I mentioned on the first attmept of the Contentment Challenge I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am definately the spender in our relationship. I also really want a simplistic lifestyle. I want only the bare minimum that I need.

I am so excited to start this challenge over again.

The Contentment Challenge - January 2019

Theme: Declutter
Verse: Philippians 4:11
Activity Challenge: Do EVERY workout this month 

I am so committed to making this round stick. I am committed and determined to make this a complete lifestyle change. The end goals is to be able to continue this lifestyle and if I purchased something it is going to replace something else. 

My goal is to someday live in a RV. I am hoping that it is sooner than retirement age, but Gary is not having it. With our baseball lifestyle I think it woule be so much better having an RV than living in apartment. Honestly for me a big set up on not doing it is Heisman. Going down to such a small space would hard for him. At least that's what I think but people say that he will adapt better than I think.

Theme: Organize
The plan is to make sure everything is organized and has a home.

Memory Verse: (Same verse will be the top photo)

Activity: I am going through each room to make sure everything is in its place. If it has no place I will either donate, throw it away, or sell it.

I did this challenge a few months ago while in the middle of the move. I did well in terms of not spending much because everything went towards the move and/or the new place. We did go a little crazy with the necessities of the place, BUT I wouldn't change anything either.

My plan for doing this is to set a new foundation for myself. Really think about what I purchase and live a more simplistic and grateful life. 

Read Weird and You are A Badass
Being 100% devoted to this challenge
Blog 3 times a week 
Pay off 1 bill
Do every single workout for half marathon training
Be Urbankick certified

I will post how I did the following month on a Monday along with my theme, verses, activity, and goals for the next month. 

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