First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Jessa! I had a blog a few years ago under my name. With moving and studying for my personal training certification blogging didn't get much of my time. It was always something that I loved and so glad that I am in a space to do it again. So here's my new baby-The Fitness Gypsy.

I started blogging in 2009 called Through the Storms. It was just really my online journal. I recently graduated from college and trying to figure out my life. Then I changed the name to Life of the Sports Wife which was a journey of my life through my husbands job. He is a retired baseball player who now works in the front office. (We are currently in Everett, Washington as he is the Director of Tickets for the Everett Aquasox.) We have moved so much for his job. I am so lucky and grateful to be along on this journey with him. Then I decided for some reason I really don't remember why to change it to my name. I blogged under that (very inconsistently) for about a year, maybe a little longer.

While I was on break I would always talking about blogging and/or writing. After some thinking I decided that I wanted to get back into it. I talked with the hubs about all my ideas and he is so amazing and encouraged me to go over after all of them. So now I am back. The Fitness Gypsy.

The Fitness Gypsy
What you can find here: it will be mostly fitness, travel, and sports related. With fitness I am going to try out different type of workouts and/or gyms and give you my honest feedback. Of course, I want you to check it out too; but sometimes it's nice to have a heads up before trying something.

When we are in a new area we explore the area to the max because when we move to the next team we probably won't be back to the area any time soon if at all. So I want to show you all the fun touristy things plus all what the locals do.

I love sports, and will probably post every now and again. We go to way to many baseball games than most people should. If we aren't at baseball game you'll probably catch us at a football game.

About Jessa
When I am not hanging out in front of my computer for posts: you can find me at work, working out, and traveling around Pacific Northwest. Gary and I have been married for almost 7 years. We met while we were both working for the Iowa Energy (now Iowa Wolves). I was an intern finishing my last semester at Iowa State University. (We are the Cyclones, not the Hawkeyes.) On his last day he asked me for dinner. We had a very interested first date that I am sure you'll hear about sometime.)

At Iowa State I received my B.A. in Marketing with a minor in Journalism. While in college I wanted to work for a minor league baseball team. My ideal team was the Arkansas Travelers. I had a lot of amazing internships with varies teams. I worked in sports for 5 years but after we moved to West Virginia there wasn't much opportunity to work in sports. So I ended up working for in admission for a for-profit school. While working there I was meeting with a personal trainer. I absolutely LOVED this girl. We just hit it off immediately. I would think of workouts and she would come up with new compound sets. I loved being her guinea pig.

After a few months her and her boss suggested that I start studying for my personal training certification. We talked about all the different types and organizations that I could go through. I did my research and decided to through ACE for personal training certification.

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